Updated September 24, 2021


As an organization and a stakeholder involved in a larger movement for tenants’ rights and housing justice, we commit to the following core values:

1. We center tenants and communities.

We design tools, alongside renters and housing advocates, that prioritize the needs of those at risk of eviction and homelessness due to systemic oppression. Our tools focus on bringing renters closer to housing justice by shedding light on deliberately hidden data and making information visible and easily accessible.

What does this look like?

We work with tenants, prospective renters, organizers, and legal advocates on the ground. We are constantly seeking their feedback…

Cancel Rent protest in NYC, August 2020

On Monday, June 28, 2021, housing organizers, advocates, legal service providers, elected officials, and key stakeholders, along with JustFix, sent a letter to Judge Lawrence K. Marks, Chief Administrative Judge of New York City Housing Court, denouncing the Court’s recent decision to block tenant HP Actions filed virtually through JustFix’s website (known as the HP Action Tool).

Up until March 2020, tenants facing bad conditions in their homes or harassment from their landlords filed HP Actions physically in Housing Court. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, JustFix collaborated with the New York City Housing Court to create the first…

Estimados amigos,

Desde abril de 2020, más de 3,000 residentes de la ciudad de Nueva York han presentado un caso de emergencia contra sus dueños a través de nuestra herramienta Emergency HP Action (“EHPA”) para detener el acoso por parte de sus dueños y recibir reparaciones esenciales.

Al principio de la pandemia, el sistema judicial de la ciudad de Nueva York colaboró estrechamente con JustFix para crear una herramienta fácil de usar para cualquier inquilino de la ciudad de Nueva York con una conexión a Internet. …

Dear friends,

Since April 2020, more than 3,000 New York City residents have filed emergency lawsuits against their landlords through our Emergency HP Action (“EHPA”) Tool to stop landlord harassment and receive essential repairs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the NYC Court system worked closely with JustFix to create a user-friendly tool for use by any New York City renter with an Internet connection. After suing their landlords through JustFix’s tool, many users also received access to free tenant attorneys.

In late May 2021, JustFix learned that the Court will reinstate several requirements to the HP filing process.

Dear JustFix.nyc Friends, Family, Partners, and Supporters,

Our organization understands that the struggle for housing justice is inseparable from the struggle for racial justice. Racist housing policies, like redlining, evictions, and urban renewal impact the same Black communities targeted by police violence. Our community members who face housing discrimination and who are forced to live in substandard conditions are also being stopped, questioned, and killed by racist police and hurt by a criminal justice system that centers profit and not people, and practices prejudice, not justice. …


JustFix.nyc co-designs & builds tools for tenants, organizers, and legal advocates fighting displacement. #TenantPower #EvictionFreeNYC #WhoOwnsWhat

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